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Review of the 8.x-1.x branch (commit 3d1f682):
  • or README.txt is missing, see the guidelines for in-project documentation.
  • ESLint has found some issues with your code (please check the JavaScript coding standards).
    /var/vhosts/c214000000/site1101/web/vendor/drupal/pareviewsh/pareview_temp/js/infobar.js: line 7, col 10, Error - Missing space before function parentheses. (space-before-function-paren)
    /var/vhosts/c214000000/site1101/web/vendor/drupal/pareviewsh/pareview_temp/js/infobar.js: line 42, col 7, Error - Closing curly brace appears on the same line as the subsequent block. (brace-style)
    2 problems
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